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Matrimonial & Family Law/Litigation

Backed by years of experience, Assaf & Siegal's expertise in Matrimonial & Family Law and Litigation is comprehensive, proven and tailored to your specific legal needs.

Assaf & Siegal PLLC, is a law firm which practices in all areas of Matrimonial and Family Law. We handle matters related to divorce, separation and annulment, marriage and domestic partnerships, child custody and visitation, child support, maintenance (alimony or spousal support), property distribution, domestic partnership agreements, pre-nuptial agreements, post-marriage agreements, post-divorce proceedings, neglect/abuse proceedings, domestic violence and termination of parental rights, international divorce and custody issues. We offer expertise in complex equitable distribution matters involving the valuation of professional licenses, degrees, businesses, stock options, royalty contracts, professional practices, and other forms of intangible property interests. We also offer mediation and parenting coordination services.

Our attorneys have handled hundreds of cases involving complex custody, visitation and support issues in every county throughout New York State, in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and the State of Florida. We also provide expert representation with respect to family offense/domestic violence proceedings, paternity, Juvenile Delinquency and Persons in Need of Supervision proceedings, abuse and neglect allegations, adoption, and name change petitions. Our attorneys also provide consultation and drafting of pre-nuptial agreements, pre-marital asset planning and representation in enforcement proceedings.

In addition to and in support of our Matrimonial and Family Law practice, we provide post-judgment services with respect to enforcement and contempt applications, appeals, and collateral services in the fields of estate planning, taxation, and bankruptcy, most often implicated by divorce actions.

Collaborative Law

Collaborative Divorce is a dignified, cooperative, and respectful process in which a separating/divorcing couple, with the assistance of their attorneys, work together to negotiate the best outcome for both participants. Assaf & Siegal is pleased to offer this alternative dispute resolution process to negotiate an amicable outcome for both spouses. The non-threatening process allows for both sides to collaboratively discuss their issues and come up with an agreement outside of the court system. Our Attorneys have been actively involved with the Collaborative Divorce process since its inception in the Capital District and our Attorneys handled the very first collaborative case in the Capital District. Our attorneys have handled numerous cases since then to successful conclusion, all without Court intervention. Counsel in our firm handle all matter of disputed claims through arbitration and mediation processes as well.

Civil Litigation/Personal Injury/Appeals

Assaf & Siegal PLLC handles all manner of civil litigation including, but not limited to, business disputes, contract disputes, construction law, personal injury, medical malpractice, employment discrimination, partnership disputes, and professional discipline for healthcare workers, physicians and nurses at the State and Federal level. The attorneys at Assaf & Siegal have a combined 60 plus years of experience handling complex litigation matters.

Additionally, Assaf & Siegal PLLC has broad experience in handling appellate work in all Appellate Divisions in the State of New York, in the New York State Court of Appeals, and in the Federal Courts of Appeal.

Business Law

Assaf & Siegal PLLC offers assistance with business formations and consulting, including: S corporation and LLC start-ups, buy-sell agreements, succession planning and all manner of contract negotiation, employment contracts, procurement issues, joint-venture agreements and intellectual property agreements. Our attorneys addressing complex issues that may arise throughout any business disputes and have experience in dealing with intellectual property in copyright and trademark litigation. Our attorneys have handled complex conveyancing of businesses, including the sale of brokerage firms, elevator companies, medical practices, and factory-based businesses.

Additionally, our attorneys have represented all of the major banks in the Capital District as well as borrowers in commercial and residential lending. Our attorneys have engaged in numerous municipal financing transactions including both general obligation bond and revenue bond transactions, as bond counsel, issuer’s counsel and underwriter counsel.

Bankruptcy Law/Workouts & Foreclosures

Assaf & Siegal PLLC offers the practice of Bankruptcy Law, where we represent both debtors and creditors. We represent debtors and creditors in bankruptcy matters under Chapters 7, 11, 12 and 13. Additionally, we represent debtors and creditors in complex financial workouts and we represent debtors and creditors in foreclosure who are going through financial difficulties, and counsel them on different debt relief options including reorganization and foreclosure.

** We are a debt relief agency. We assist individuals and businesses to file for relief under the United States Bankruptcy Code.

Criminal Defense

Assaf & Siegal PLLC represents clients in criminal courts on a statewide basis, doing both misdemeanor and felony work, as well as traffic violations and DWI.

Estate Planning

Assaf & Siegal PLLC offers a complete range of estate planning and succession planning for closely held businesses. Our attorneys handle the preparation of wills and trusts, the administration of estates, and estate litigation, including but not limited to, will contests and disputes between legatees and beneficiaries of trusts.

Real Estate Law & Development

Our attorneys have been involved in all manner of small and large scale properties including, but not limited to, multi-family dwellings, office buildings, shopping centers, airports, medical facilities (including specialty medical facilities) environmentally sensitive improvements such as wind turbines and cellular telephone towers, placement of electrical power stations and conduits, both in major cities up and down the East Coast of the United States, as well as several projects in the United Kingdom. Some of the larger projects with which we have been involved include the Canal Park Shopping Center in Boston, MA, Faneuil Hall in Boston, MA, Exchange Place in Boston, MA, the Waterfront in Baltimore, MD, and Canary Wharf in the United Kingdom. Locally, some of the projects our attorneys have worked on include the Daughters of Sarah Nursing Home, Beltrone Living Center, projects in the Albany area include the Arbor Hill Redevelopment Project, The Albany Affordable Housing Program, 800 North Pearl Street, 39 North Pearl Street, historic renovations at Hudson Theatre Condominiums, 286 and 290 State Street, 355 State Street, 9 Thurlow Terrace offices and apartments, and strip malls. In Florida, we are actively involved in the Colony Beach and Tennis Club bankruptcy and redevelopment. The Colony Beach and Tennis Club is a world-renowned resort property and former home of the Nick Bolletieri Tennis Academy. Our attorneys have acted as the primary counsel for major commercial property managers handling all leasing matters as well as tenant disputes.

Additionally, David Siegal is examining counsel for Stewart Title Insurance Company for the purposes of title insurance in real estate transactions.